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CoverLogix® Pool Covers


CoverLogix® pool covers are an attractive and functional addition to any outdoor environment. Check out our CoverLogix® Safety Cover Systems line and find out which series fits in with your lifestyle!

CoverLogix® provides superior quality hardware that's designed to last for standard applications.

Heavy Duty Suspension and Reinforced Padding upgrade packages now available on all CoverLogix® covers.

Add the ultimate load bearing protection of extreme performance double-tension springs and super durable perimeter padding to cushion the cover and deck from chaffing damage.

Suspension system shown with optional decorative brass anchor flange.

See more infomation about CoverLogix products at www.coverlogix.com


A backyard swimming pool is the ultimate source of family fun! But when it comes to children and pets, it is also the source of safety concerns. No parent can be watching over the pool every minute. No fence or alarm can prevent a child from getting access to an unsupervised pool. A Coverstar automatic safety pool cover can!

For more information on Coverstar covers please visit their website at Lathampool.com


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