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Clean and Clear (Above-ground Pool Filter)

Crystal clarity with cartridge convenience

Looking for top-end filter performance with the lowest maintenance? Look at the Clean & Clear cartridge filter system.
The Clean & Clear cartridge filter system pairs our dependable Dynamo® pump with our highly efficient Clean & Clear filter. This harmoniously engineered system features perfectly matched components to keep your aboveground pool clean, clear, and inviting-with a minimum of maintenance.

Standard features include:

- Rugged fiberglass reinforced polypropylene filter tank for long life.

- High Flow'" manual air relief valve and continuous internal air relief work together to eliminate air accumulation to maintain optimum filtration efficiency at all times.

- Removable filter cartridge for quick, convenient cleaning.

- Self-priming pump design protects internal components and ensures long life.

- See-through pump strainer pot lid for easy inspection.

- Simple piping connections from pump to filter for easy installation and maintenance.

- I Y2" filter drain and washout for ease of maintenance.

Carefree...by design

Like all Pentair cartridge filter systems, Clean and Clear aboveground system features an easily cleanable filter cartridge for the ultimate in carefree pool filtration.

Additional features include:

- Filter lock ring allows quick and easy servicing.

- Pump motor features on/off switch for convenience.

- One-year limited warrant. See warranty for details.

WhisperFlo (In-ground Pool Pump)

Quiet. Efficient. Durable.

Compare WhisperFlo® to any other high performance pump, and you'll hear the difference immediately. It's quiet" ,and quiet means quality.
Our proprietary hydraulic design, unique FunnelFlo" diffuser, and high efficiency Impeller work together to move water more efficiently than any other high performance pump, And the advantages don't end there, WhisperFlo's oversized strainer basket extends time between cleanings, and the unique Cam & Ramp'M lid is transparent and easy to remove, making inspection and cleaning simple and qUick, Built with heavy-duty components that are resistant to chemicals and corrosion, WhisperFlo is a workhorse that will perform for years to come.

There's a WhisperFlo to suit any residential pool application, with 115v and 208/230v single-phase, and 208/230/460v three-phase pumps from Y2 HP to 3 HP, Both standard and energy-efficient models are available, (Also available in 50-hertz models,)

With so many performance and convenience advantages, it's no wonder more than 2.2 million Pentair pumps have been installed worldwide.

Clean and Clear Pro (In-ground Pool Filter)

Crystal clear water ... effortlessly

Looking for top-end filter performance with the lowest maintenance? Look at a cartridge filter. This long-proven design uses special filter elements to strip particles from pool water with great effectiveness ... particles so small they are measured in microns ... particles the human eye cannot even detect.
Maintenance? Open the top. Remove the cartridge. Hose it off. That's it.
But all cartridge filters aren't the same. And the secret to the most effective filters is the design and consistency of the cartridge itself. Are the materials manufactured for the utmost consistency of all surfaces to block and trap the maximum amount of solids? Are the most durable materials used to maximize the cartridge's life? Is maximum surface area designed-in to capture the most dirt and provide the longest periods between cleanings?
All Pentair filters feature cartridges made to demanding specifications under the strictest quality control standards. This ensures they produce the cleanest and clearest water while standing up for the long run.
Clean & Clear PLUS filters also feature the ultimate
in surface area with four cartridges in a single system
for extremely long service between cleanings. Their commercial-grade performance can keep even large, heavily used pools clean and sparkling day in and day out.

See more infomation about Pentair aquatic systemss at www.pentair.com

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